Why is my Pap Smear Abnormal?


You just had an abnormal Pap smear and you are wondering why me?  Pap smears

are just a sample of the cells at the top of the vagina and the beginning of the womb.

They can be abnormal for many reasons and further testing is often necessary to

determine what testing, if any, is needed.

            One reason a Pap smear can be abnormal is an infectious reason. Bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites, and viruses can make a Pap smear abnormal.  The pap will usually come back with inflammatory cells and the diagnosis is made by microscopic examination.  Various treatments, depending on cause, may include creams inserted vaginally or pills.  Certain viruses may cause warts and be treated chemically or surgically.

            Another reason is called dysplasia.  This is PRECANCER of the cervix

and is 100% curable if treated.  It is caused by HPV, the human papilloma (wart)

Virus, and is sexually transmitted. It can lay dormant for years.  In other words,

you could have caught it recently or many years ago and it may show up now.  Re-occurrence after treatment is high if you continue sexual activity without condoms.

Dysplasia comes in MILD, MODERATE and SEVERE forms.  The treatment

varies, but most can simply be treated by LEEP -loop electrical excision procedure The Leep is a biopsy performed with a wire loop that allows diagnosis, treats, and rules out cancer in one visit in most situations. Other treatments are chemicals, laser and cryotherapy (freezing).  Depending on the size extent and desire for future fertility all things are taken in consideration as to the "best method" for you.

            The final and most worrisome reason is cancer of the cervix.  Luckily few people with abnormal paps have progressed to this serious condition and we are able to save many lives by catching it early.  The biopsy or LEEP is often necessary

to rule out this serious condition.

            One of the most basic parts of all evaluations is a COLPOSCOPY. Simply

put, this is a binocular on a very powerful light source to look at your cervix. With it we can determine where the abnormalities are and biopsy them if necessary.

            What are the risks?  Any biopsy can lead to bleeding and or infection.  Careful site preparation with betadine, the use of sterile autoclaved instruments, the

ability to cauterize, and use hemostatic chemicals reduces these risks.

            When can I have Sex?  After a biopsy or LEEP one should wait 4-6 weeks before resuming sexual activity. You must wait until all bleeding has stopped. 



            Can I take a bath or shower?  YES.        Pulblished by Miracles Maternity Inc.